Dearest Scotland Breaking Into Mainstream Scottish Schools…It Happened

NOTHING brightens our day more than a cheerful wee email from a teacher wishing to throw us a hello, having seen our story in the national press. Added to the salutations in this case was a request from Modern Studies teacher, Fiona Taylor, of a Dearest Scotland letter writing kit for her pupils to work with at Edinburgh’s George Watson’s College.

Since receiving their Dearest Scotland pack, Mrs Taylor was happy to share with us just how she and the students envisioned using the tools. She says, “Our intention is to get some of the Modern Studies pupils to giving a quick explanation of the campaign at a launch in an assembly, using the Kickstarter video clip from your website,  the prompt card questions and some snippets from letters already received.


Dearest Scotland tools set up prior to being used for learning and fun at George Watson’s College


Prompt cards asking ‘What makes you proud to be Scottish?’ and ‘What would Scotland’s motto be?’ are getting the conversation started


Pupils, teachers and staff can pop their completed Dearest Scotland letters into one of the two specially designed postboxes at the school

Mrs Taylor added, “We will then give over class time for all students of Modern Studies to complete their letters, with a number of lunchtime drop in sessions on offer for non-Modern Studies students and staff to come and do the same.”

Mrs Taylor’s request supports our belief that all Scottish primary and secondary schools can discuss the future of the nation and share those visions, hopes, dreams and fears within the classroom – whether as a stand alone, one-day letter writing session or as a longer project across a section of the curriculum.

We look forward to receiving more updates, images and letters from Mrs Taylor and her pupils this week as they go about using the tools…


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