Fancy helping us choose the Dearest Scotland book cover?

We’ve always loved a wee bit of citizen participation and welcoming advice and feedback, and in true spirit of letting as many people share in Dearest Scotland’s journey as possible, we throw out this call to arms – aka a wee opinion poll below – to let you help us choose the final design draft of the Dearest Scotland book cover.

While our publishing partners are busy making your letters look all beautiful and good enough to sit on the shelf of any bookstore across Scotland, we’ve narrowed the cover design down to the following wee trio. At first glance, there might not appear much of a difference between the three, but on closer inspection there are one or two subtleties that we’ll leave for you to choose upon…

Many thanks, do feel free to leave a comment in the box at the foot of the page too…

Dearest Scotland Book Cover – Design 1
Dearest Scotland Book Cover – Design 2
Dearest Scotland Book Cover – Design 3
Design 1 Thumbnail
Design 1 Thumbnail (identical to above)
Design 2 Thumbnail
Design 2 Thumbnail
Design 3 Thumbnail
Design 3 Thumbnail

Poll ends on Friday 24th July

Which book cover do you prefer?

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    1. Cat Cochrane

      Hi Gurmeet, many thanks for your message and feedback. Designs 1 and 3 do look similar but have a slight variation on the theme. Is there a certain look that you’d recommend or like to see? We’re always happy to receive suggestions from our backers…

  1. Clare McKay

    RE “the blurb”on the back page- thinking this may be latin ,but the point is I cannot understand it and so it becomes a barrier to wanting to open the book and find out the contents within.I often use this summary on the back of a book to decide if the book is for me or not.
    Anyways, I hope to buy a copy when it comes out and wish you all the success you deserve for putting this together.

    1. Cat Cochrane

      Hi Clare, many thanks for your message, it’s much appreciated. The blurb is just a temporary design language form, Lorem Ipsum, until the final blurb is slotted in. Not to worry, the final draft will be in plain English, we promise!

    1. Cat Cochrane

      Hi Lynda-Marie, thanks for your message. No it’s not too late. The book will be printed next month and available in September. Happy to send you a message when our e-commerce shop opens for purchases. Your letter is in the book for sure 🙂

  2. Robert Macmillan

    Having looked at each side of the book designs in isolation, I picked 2:

    The banner at the top of the blurb on the back in designs 1 and 2 is off-centre in a way that I find visually jarring. For that reason and the simplicity of it, design 2 is better IMHO.

    Similarly the front even of design 2 has the logo/text not far enough apart horizontally for my mind to not want to see them both centred.

    Regardless, well done to everyone in getting this far (not long now)!!

    1. Cat Cochrane

      Thanks for the feedback Robert, much appreciated. The off-centredness is jarring everyone it seems. Yip, not long now. Cheers for the support on our journey, exciting updates coming soon, Cat 🙂

  3. Dorothy Connor

    Hi Cat, hope you got my previous comment congratulating you on your awards. Am I right in thinking that the book launch will now be on 5 October 2015 at the Scottish Parliament along with the display of letters there? Can you also tell me if I am the only one from Rutherglen? Many thanks and all the best!You are some girl!
    Dorothy Connor

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