Dearest Scotland’s School Letter Writing Kits Go Live

Since our launch, one of our ambitions has been to receive Dearest Scotland letters written by more and more young people. Their hopes, fears, dreams and insights can and will shape the future of the nation in years to come, and the content of their Dearest Scotland submissions always seem to reflect just that.

One of the ideas we created to reach the younger generation was in the design of School Letter Writing Kits tailored to 7-11, 12-15 and 16-18 age groups. As a pilot testing how the school kits might be received, we offered a kit as a reward during our Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year.

We’re delighted to say the kits have now been finalised and this week have been shipped off to all our funders who backed our campaign with the purchase of a kit for their chosen primary or secondary school. With the start of the new school term upon us, it’ll be exciting to hear from teachers and pupils who’ve used the kit during lessons or as part of extra curricular activities.

Should the kits prove successful as an educational tool in Scottish schools, our dream of seeing every educational facility connect with Dearest Scotland in some way will come a little closer to reality.

Contact us at to find out more about the kits…we’d love to tell you more, and perhaps send one to a school or college in your area.

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